Veloxy Mobile CRM for Salesforce-Meetings

Veloxy syncs meetings from all your connected accounts and displays them in the Meetings screen. In Veloxy if you have connected your Google calendar, Exchange calendar and iPhone calendar, the Meetings screen will show a consolidated list of meeting from all these sources.

Using proprietary technology Veloxy extracts phone number, conference code and location from different meeting fields including meeting description. You don’t have to look around and type in the phone number and conference code anymore to join a conference call. Just tap the phone icon and you are automatically connected to the call.

Tapping on the directions button should give directions to your meeting destination from your current location. Veloxy displays the time it’ll take to reach your meeting destination. Veloxy also alerts you in case you are running late for a meeting.

Running late for a meeting? No problem. You can send a quick email or text message to the meeting organizer by tapping on the email or the message icon.

Tapping on the meeting summary opens up the detail view of the meeting. The detail view includes information about the organizer, attendees and description of the meeting. Veloxy automatically tries to assign a relevant opportunity to a meeting. User can optionally associate an opportunity to a meeting.

Log-A-Call: Once the meeting is completed you can log notes about the meeting.  When you tap on the “Log a Call” section, it opens up the “Log a Call” screen where you can change the opportunity details and save it along with meeting notes. You can also create a follow up task for the opportunity from this screen. All updates to the opportunity, notes and follow up task will be synced with Salesforce with one tap.

Meeting ListMeeting Details Change opportunity and Log a Call

Check out our website as well as Apple App Store and Salesforce AppExchange. Veloxy is Completely FREE.

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