Will Millennial Sales People Embrace Apple Watch?

In the enterprise world, Smart Sales people are the most innovative and early adopters of new technologies. They are innovators. They love to use new gadgets. AND they love to show off! They have big egos, you know:-)

However, they are laser focused on productivity, results and outcome. At the end, it is all about selling, closing deals, making customers happy, knowing their customers and exceeding their quarterly/yearly targets.

Traditional CRM systems are not helping sales people closing more deals.While CRM systems provide visibility into opportunities/deals and the customer life cycle (only if sales people updates CRM systems with relevant information), sales people often regard them as hurdles to productivity and active selling time. This makes CRM adoption very poor.

CRM system is only one of the sources of information. Valuable information about deals and customers are scattered around in emails, calendars, documents, etc. Bug Tracking systems and Product/Customer Issue Systems also have very useful information. Sales people needs to have all these information at their finger tip whenever and where ever they need it. While they are on the go, they should be able to access all relevant information about a deal or a customer or an account very easily/quickly via the device they carry all the time – their smartphone and smart watch. They should not have to log-in to many different systems and dig around for information. This is very frustrating and significant wastage of their very vauable time. There should be a system/solution that helps them in selling. In 21st century it’s not acceptable. It should anticipate their need.

How about a poll? Feel free to pass this along.  We will also appreciate your sharing this poll with others via social media.

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